Apparent ready mixed concrete shortages are caused by: a) Miscalculation of form volume or slab thickness when actual dimensions exceed the assumed dimensions by even a fraction. b) Deflection or distortion of the form-work. c) Irregular sub grade and its settlement. d)Smaller quantities wasted or used in incidental works for large pours. To ensure sufficient supply of ready mixed concrete: a) Measure formwork accurately and order sufficient quantity to finish the job. b) For large pours, include an allowance of about 2% over planned dimensions to account for wastage, potential increased thickness, etc. c) Towards the end of large pours, carefully measure the remaining volume and confirm the closing quantity to the ready mixed concrete supplier.

NO! Restrain masons at the site. Do not force Transit Mixer Operators to add water to ready mixed concrete. Consequences of such actions can be severe. Properly designed ready mixed concrete contains optimum water. Inform the ready mixed concrete supplier if work ability (slump) of ready mixed concrete is not as expected. If required, dosing of admixtures along with a small quantity of water would be done by the ready mixed concrete supplier´s technical personnel

Ready mixed concrete mixes are supplied only after exhaustive laboratory and plant trials. To ensure consistent quality, incoming raw materials are regularly tested. Sampling and testing of ready mixed concrete is done every day as per stipulations. At our Ready Mix Concrete factory, we invite you to visit our laboratories to witness the process

Depending on the workability, the ready mixed concrete might be usable for up to 3 hours

International Standards specify that ready mixed concrete must be discharged from the transit mixer truck within 2 hours of the time of loading. It is also mandatory to make arrangements at site to ensure that full load of ready mixed concrete is discharged within 30 minutes of arrival on site

There are different types of concrete cracks. The most common of these is related to the natural shrinkage of concrete as it cures and dries. Shrinkage cracking can be controlled or “hidden” by following proper jointing techniques. Different factors and conditions can contribute to each type of cracking. It is important to understand these potential causes and take appropriate action to prevent cracking.

Fresh (wet) concrete is highly alkaline and can cause skin irritation, severe third degree chemical burns and serious eye damage. Always wear protective gloves and glasses or goggles when working with wet concrete. Waterproof boots must also be worn if standing or walking in wet concrete. If clothing becomes contaminated with wet concrete, it should be removed at once and the affected body area(s) washed immediately. Flush eyes with clean water immediately after contact. Seek medical attention if you have persistent or severe discomfort

We will need to know who, where, when, what and how much. Please be prepared with an accurate delivery address, date and time of delivery, quantity and mix design. Alredwan Ready Mix Concrete personnel are available to recommend a mix design suitable for your application. Please contact us for assistance.

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