Company in Jeddah

Al Redwan Ready Mix Concrete Company is a wholly Saudi- owned company. It was established in 1976, envisioned to serve the purpose of having a central production plant for the supply and delivery of first-class ready mix concrete for the company’s own construction projects, as well as, other private sector construction projects.

Since this time, the name of “Al Redwan Ready Mix Concrete” has remained at the forefront of this specialized industry in the western area and remained dedicated to serving its clients in the construction business.



Ash Shorooq, Jeddah 21491, Saudi Arabia
Phone: 012-6725555


Makkah Al Omra

Makkah Al Omra, Makkah, Saudi Arabia
Phone: 012-5200708


Makkah Ukayshiyyah

Makkah Ukayshiyyah, Makkah, Saudi Arabia
Phone: 012-5200708


Our vision is to exceed our targets, by our passionate business team, who will commit to act with appropriate balance of speed and rigor to deliver the best product value with convenient price, to earn the trust and respect of our clients.


We are committed - as colleagues - that we stay collaborate to each other. And also to understand how our jobs are consistent with the overall proper performance of the concrete factories.